The Sephora Saga

A unique concept

When Dominique Mandonnaud opened his first perfumery in 1969, perfume and cosmetics were hidden behind counters, jealously guarded by intimidating sales reps. The message was clear. Buy before you try! Mandonnaud revolutionized the way beauty was sold. He took beauty products out from behind the counters, put them front and centre. Gave customers the freedom to move around, to try, touch, smell, and freely explore.

An idea whose time has come

It was a daring idea. And a successful one. The Sephora model has changed the retail beauty industry. Step into any Sephora today, and you plunge into a sensual, exciting, entertaining world. Those old-style sales reps are long gone, replaced by beauty advisors, there to offer advice and ideas. Providing a unique environment for experimentation and learning. A place to access your own unique beauty.


Sephora's private label, S+ embodies all the brand's daring, creativity and excellence. Game-changing products that are as accessible as they are exciting, as sensual as they are superior. Like the 365 lipstick shades - one for every mood, every desire - S+ products encourage you to come out to play!

Sephora numbers:

  • 17,000 listed products
  • 6 million visitors annually to the Champs-Elysees flagship store (more than the Eiffel Tower!)
  • around 300 stores in France and 1,700 around the world
  • 25 000 employees, 4 000 of them in France

Part of the prestigious LVMH family since 1997, today Sephora stores are all over Europe, as well as in North and South America, the Middle East and Asia. And we keep the pressure on. Whether with our own S+ brand, its quality and originality a Sephora best seller. Or with, the market leading beauty website. Whatever the innovation, we make it hard for our competition to catch up!

A beautiful future

We're asking questions and improving daily. Winning over new talent and new markets all the time with our boldness. Inspiring with brilliant one-off designer collaborations. Or satisfying with inventive in-store services like eyebrow or nail bars, and a second-to-none loyalty program.

Sephora is growing mightily. But the original idea remains. Provide our customers with a unique shopping experience, a place for discovery, sensuality, entertaining, and expertise. And promise excitement for everyone, every time.